Michigan State University Libraries

Student Supervisor, August 2010-December 2013

I have worked with many college students over the years, and find Jeremy to be outstanding in his dedication to his education and the work he performed in our unit. He is also a friendly and sincere individual and was respected by his peers.
— Jill Thornton, MSU Libraries

I held the position of Student Worker (and as of August 2011, Student Supervisor) at the MSU Main Library Copy Center and Course Reserves. I was responsible for the maintenance of copiers, printers, and other hardware. I was expected to assist patrons with issues that arose while using our equipment. I also got to set up and run a book printing machine, and was able to help make suggestions for 3D printer purchases. The biggest lesson I learned from my time at the library is that problem solving requires creativity; if I want to help others with their problems, sometimes I have to think outside of the "normal".

Jeremy RookComment