Cost Comparison

Geeks just can't compete with me. Here are some services I provide.

PCMACCHECK- $10* (Geeky price: $30-$150)
Want to make sure your computer, Tablet, or Phone is running the best it can? A quick check-up can help boost performance of your computer. 
SOFTWARE/OS- $15* (Geeky price: $30-$150)
Remove viruses, install new software, reinstall Operating System- any software issue you may have.

HARDWARE- $30* (Geeky price: $40-$200)
Need more memory? Video card isn't working like it used to?  I know how to fix it all.

30/60M CONSULTATION- $15/$30 (Geeky Price: $100)
I will spend 30 or 60 minutes with you discussing any computer related questions; new computer suggestions, functionality questions... anything!

PC BUILD- $100* (Geeky Price: N/A)
Here’s something Geeks won’t do! I will work with you to design a desktop computer that meets your needs as precisely as possible.

PCBUILDSUPPORT- $80 (Geeky Price: N/A)
Protect your custom-made computer with this 12-month support plan. This includes remote desktop assistance from me (by appointment), and free hardware replacement**

*Client is responsible for the cost of any hardware or software purchased.
**Hardware Replacement only covers defective hardware- accidental hardware damage is not covered.