Trying This Again.

I cannot properly convey the number of times I have told myself “I am going to make a blog, write on it regularly, and grow and stretch myself in the process”. I know the first time I had the thought, I was a sophomore in college. I was wrapping up my semester, and I wanted to become a better writer and convey my thoughts in a more effective way.

That lasted about two weeks, where I would write some rambling article about what I was thinking about at that very moment. I know I was offering up some pseudo-introspective thoughts on college and the “rat-race” there. I can’t remember much past that.

So a couple years went by. I figured out a bit more about what I wanted to do with my life, recommitted to living in an upright way, and decided it would be a good idea to write to hold myself accountable. So I started another blog. I maybe wrote in it three times. But then I got a real job, got engaged, and otherwise got busy and had no idea how to manage my time. So, blogging went away.

Then I started learning about UX design and realized that if I wanted to pivot from being an IT admin into a more design-oriented role, I would need to expand my horizons and learn to think in a way I hadn’t been used to thinking in. I made this very website with three goals:

  1. Provide a storefront for my consulting services

  2. Act as a portfolio/resume site

  3. Create a blog to grow in the ways I think.

This was the time I was really going to commit to a blog. I had a schedule mapped out on my calendar. I would spend an hour writing twice a week; opinions on tech trends, the things I was learning in my classes, how UX and IT relate to one another- all of these things were fair game. And I did it!

For a month.

Then I deleted it.

Because I realized that a blog needs to be constantly updated otherwise it looks a little sad. Have you ever found a blog that hasn’t been updated in 6 years? It always seems sad to see something come to an end, so I decided to not even start.

Blogging dropped off my radar as I went to get my Master’s degree, had a child, got a job as a UX designer, and otherwise moved forward professionally.

I’m compelled to start back up again because I want to start to share the things I am learning about UX, and about working in a professional environment in general.

How long will it go this time?

I don’t know. I do know that I have four article ideas already. I think I’ll try and release once a week, likely on Mondays.

Eventually, I’ll stop again. I won’t have useful things to say. But I’m ok with that now.

Plus, my expectation is that only a few people will read these. I’m not doing it for anyone else; this time, it’s for my own edification.

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