"How did you get where you are today?"

I have called MSU and the Lansing Area my home for 10 years. (Photo courtesy MSU)

I have called MSU and the Lansing Area my home for 10 years. (Photo courtesy MSU)

I grew up dreaming of going to Michigan State University, getting a computer science degree, getting a coding job, and living happily ever after. So after graduating high school in 2009, I went off to MSU.

I quickly realized I didn't actually want to be a computer programmer. I changed gears and aimed at a degree in Information Communication Technology. During the summers, I was a camp counselor in the northern lower peninsula of Michigan. My time at Camp Barakel gave me invaluable insight into conflict resolution, empathy, and leadership. In 2013, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Communication Technology, with a focus in Information Communication Technology, and a cognate in German. Following an internship at the Michigan Health Information Network (MiHIN), I accepted a position at Michigan State University in the department of Communications and Brand Strategy (CABS), providing desktop and server-side support to 60 users. My role shifted a few times, eventually more resembling the responsibilities of a business analyst as I integrated UX principles into my job.

Currently, I am a User Experience Analyst for Auto-Owners Insurance. I am performing usability tests and creating personas. I am sketching and iterating and prototyping with Axure RP. I love helping improve the overall interaction experience of various web forms and sites to make sure that our agents and customers have positive interactions with the organization.

I have recently received my Master's Degree in Human Computer Interaction at Michigan State University.  I have gained valuable knowledge about Human-Computer Interaction in general and in experience design specifically. I am proud of the projects I have completed related to these classes.

I am passionate about my wonderful wife, our two beautiful children, how people use technology, and how we can improve these interactions by empathizing and listening to those around us. My free time is split between serving in our church, spending time with my family, tinkering with computers, tablets, and phones, and keeping up with trends across the world of technology.